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ING House in Amsterdam - Amazing Office Pics Of ING

ING House in Amsterdam -
Amazing Office Photos Of ING Group..

ING House is the head office of ING Group. ING House contains
the board room, offices for senior management and a number of
corporate departments.

The building was designed to reflect the image of ING: innovative
and transparent, dynamic and sustainable. The open plan and glass walls
help facilitate communication across departments and complement
ING's dedication to transparency.

ING House was designed by Amsterdam-based Meyer and
Van Schooten Architects.

It has a streamlined shape in anodized aluminium and glass and is
constructed like a table on 16 steel legs. The legs stand freely
on pins in large concrete blocks in the ground, a technique used
in bridge building.

The building is 28 meters wide, 138 meters long and at the highest point
of its 10 floors, 48 meters tall. The total site area is 5,600m2.
ING House has a lobby, 250 seat auditorium, a foyer, restaurant,
library, more than 800m2 of conference rooms and 160 parking spaces.

The inside of the building is home to an impressive art collection and
about half the total office space is reserved for “flexible�
work stations, which give employees the chance to change their
working environment. Most employees also enjoy a view of one of
the six inner gardens.

These gardens were designed by landscape architect Michael van Gessel
and each has its own theme. The gardens are integrated into the
design of the building and considered visual highlights. The lobby
features a bamboo garden in a bed of moss and plates of Belgian
blue limestone and the main path of Chinese granite that runs
from the main entrance through the hall to a fifty-metre long quay
in the water of the Nieuwe Meer.

The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 16 November 1999 and
ING House was officially opened on 16 September 2002 by Prince
Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

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