Monday, May 10, 2010

Dave Barlow's World of Impossible

I really much hate it when I’m in a hurry, but need topost an update. “Creative writing” is something that should never be done under pressure.
I can’t understand how some writers manage to stayconcentrated, while being on a tight schedule from their publishers. Hope I’llnever have to learn this onmy own skin. Today I will show you something I should haveposted long time ago.

Abaroth created these 3d models of impossible structuresand explained them like this: “Hi Vurdlak, It’s been a while since I sentAscending & Descending and the other 2 illusions to you.

Here’s the model page from my website – there’s amodel of Escher’s Belvedere, and a couple of other new ones, an impossible arch, and a Necker cube.

Feel free to use anything you feel is appropriate. Allthe best. Dave Barlow aka. Abaroth

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