Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Cano Cristales – River of Rainbow in Colombia

The waterfalls too, from the river adding more radiance to the already existing spectacle. The river is more of a biological heritage for the people of La Macarena, attracting many adventurers and tourists from all around the globe.

There is a kind of shallowness in the dry season and a kind of swampy in the rainy season which do not give out that illuminating rainbow effect all over. The point lies in between the two, and perhaps, this is where the water level is appropriate for the display of all the spectacular combinations of red, green, yellow, and blue algae.

The river can be seen with multi-color mosses and algae all around, at a specified time of a year, otherwise which appear to be dull green and brown all over. The multi-color effect is mainly due to the variation in the water level which is affected during some parts of the year, and thus making the mosses bright up and blooms for the spectators. The water level adjusts the required sunlight for the plants, but if observed in the dry and rainy seasons, the picture is different.

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