Wednesday, March 17, 2010

national dance

Dancers in traditional costumes during a street parade in the central part of the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

A dancer dressed as a Kumari, the living embodiment of the goddess, performed a traditional dance in the Nepalese city of Kathmandu.

Festival of Roma culture Khamoro (sun) at the Old Town Square in Prague.

The monks of the Shaolin temple in China rehearsing part of the dance, which is called "Sutra".

The procession of Jesus del Gran Poder (Jesus the great power) Morenada dance.
Bolivian capital of La Paz.

Residents of the village of Al-Dafir, located at the west of the Yemeni city of Sanaa, dancing during a ceremony marking the opening of new homes.

Dancer Tanya Isaac during the presentation.

Indians perform a ritual dance before the immersion of the image of the goddess Durga in the waters of the sacred river Ganges in the Indian city of Allahabad.

Participants of the parade Junkanoo, which took place in the Goombay Festival in Coconut Grove, Florida.

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