Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cape Stolbchaty: Volcanic Activity at its Finest

Kunashir Island is the southernmost island of the Kuril Islands, which are controlled by Russia and claimed by Japan. It lies between the straits of Kunashir, Catherine, Izmena, and South Kuril. Kunashir is visible from the nearby Japanese island of Hokkaido from which it is separated by the Nemuro Strait.

It seems almost impossible to believe that nature itself created the “stone organs” of Cape Stolbchaty, on Kunashir Island. But this indeed the result of volcanic activity at its finest. This natural wonder is formed out of thousands of rock columns that sometimes, under the pressure of the elements come tumbling down, breaking to pieces and forming piles that resemble firewood. If you find the volcanic formations of Cape Stolbchaty interesting, you might want to check out The Giant’s Causeway and Garni Gorge.

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