Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hydrogen-fueled 3-Wheeler

In urban areas, most vehicles used for daily transportation are just occupied by one person. Taking advantage of this fact, industrial designer Daniel Julier has designed the 3Wheeler, which according to its name is a three-wheeled vehicle with a single rear wheel. The 3Wheeler is a 1+1 seat concept, which means, that in addition to the driver’s seat there is a collapsible seat in the rear to give the driver the possibility to host a passenger if need be. If the rear seat is not in use, it can be folded down and the space can be used as trunk.

Since the vehicle has been designed for just two occupants, it’s lightweight and hence fuel-efficient. The concept is intended to be powered by hydrogen cells and driven by an “in wheel motor” built into the rear wheel. Fuel cells and hydrogen tank are located under the hood and the bottom is filled with super caps that can give a boost of energy to the engine for a short while and also store the energy retrieved from breaking.

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