Sunday, September 20, 2009

How it Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

An interesting comparison of different places around 100 years ago and its present day.

The Redpath Museum

The Redpath museum (1882-2009)and the presbyterian college on the left.The 1871 wing of the Presbyterian college was torn down in 1963 and replaced by a concrete tower named : Leacock building.


Redcliffe Wharf (well Bathurst on the right and Mud Dock/The Grove on the left) in Bristol's Floating Harbour.
Top: 1787
Middle: early 1940s
Bottom: August 2009
St Mary Redcliffe in the background was built between 1200 and the early 1400s, the orginal spire being lost in 1446 due to a lightening strike. The 'new' spire was added in 1872.

Hotel Vancouver

This is Vancouver's 3rd Hotel Vancouver and is still looking great today. It was completed 10 years prior to the old picture being taken after sitting half-complete for 11 years, due to the depression. Many towers have popped up around the old hotel, which is still one of Vancouver's most prestigious hotels, including Shangri-la in the background to the right. Hotel Vancouver is located on a huge piece of property downtown which fronts on Georgia, Hornby and Burrard Streets. This is looking west down Georgia Street.

Bristol High Street

Bristol High Street - 1890s and 2009. Formally the bustling centre of the city... now one of the quietest High Streets in the country. The buildings on the right of the old image were destroyed in the blitz (November 1940). Replacement buildings constructed post-war now stand derelict. Redevelopment proposals for something more fitting (and lively) which will hopefully bring more people into this bit of town whilst making more of the areas history are currently being discussed. The Samuel Morley statue in the old image stood here between 1887 and 1921.

Kilburn High Road Station

Old Mission Police Station

The Old Mission Police Station San Francisco, CA

17th and Van Ness

17th and Van Ness 1906/2008

2300 Block of Main Street

2300 Block of Main Street Good to see most of the buildings in the old picture still remain, although some have gone through questionable renovations. There's no more parking allowed on this part of Main and the cars sure aren't as cool!

Austin Road

sim Sha Tsui - Austin Road. Hong Kong

Pender St. at Carrall

Pender St. at Carrall St.Two fabulous buildings in Chinatown are pictured here in both photos but the Chinese Freemasons Building on the left was restored a little while back while the other was not. But it still has many details intact, like the cornice for instance. The Freemasons building is only about 4 years old in the top photo while the red building was built in 1902

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