Friday, September 11, 2009

Modern Top of the Line MiG Design Bureau

The MIG Design Bureau and plant. is the country's major producer of jet fighter aircraft. It developed the family of technologically advanced MiG aircraft, including the Soviet Union's first jet fighter. The MiG design bureau is part of the state-owned multifirm aerospace complex VPK MAPO (Military-Industrial Complex-Moscow Aircraft Production).

The MiG company was founded as an independent design department in December 1939 by Artem Mikoyan, a young aviation designer who had grown up in a remote Asian village. Mikoyan had worked as a mechanic in the 1920s before graduating from a military academy in 1937. He worked briefly in the late 1930s for Nikolai Polikarpov, a famous Soviet aviation designer. When Mikoyan began his independent work in 1939, he joined forces with Mikhail Gurevich, an accomplished aeronautical engineer who had recently visited the United States to negotiate a license to build a Soviet version of the Douglas DC-3. Mikoyan and Gurevich's first design was the I-200 high altitude interceptor that eventually bore the name MiG-1, standing for the first letters of each of their names and the "i" in the middle for the Russian word for "and."

The aircraft produced here are the finest and most advanced in the world. They are the envy of everyone, top of the line. During Soviet days this plant was extremely busy and business is picking up again.

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