Wednesday, August 5, 2009

her World of fantasy: Josephine Wall's Painting's

Daughter of the Deep

"Mortals hold seashells to their ears and imagine life in the deep waters below.
Perhaps a mermaid would look into a seashell to see and hear the sights and sounds of the earth above.
All of us can embark on a magical voyage through the universe using our imagination to carry us along."

Although her paintings are mainly of fantasies, Josephine Wall's images are based on close
observation and sketching from nature. The English -born artist has been influenced and
inspired by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackham, the surrealism of artists such as
Magritte and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites. This, combined with her own
imaginative ideas, has led to a wide and varied range of work.

"The art of painting is more than a career to me," she says. "It is an all consuming obsession and
a love of color and form. In fact, if I am away from my easel for too long I become restless and
anxious to paint again."

Josephine is also an accomplished sculptor and has created a number of unique figurines. Using
natural stone found locally, various modelling materials and semi-precious stones she creates
models that, when painted, challenge the viewer to find the point where the stone ends and the
figure begins.

The Wood Nymph

"Half human and half plant, the Dryad, or Wood Nymph, tends to the flora and fauna of the forest
with tender loving care. The shy, wild animals trust her completely because they know they can
always depend on her for kindness and understanding. Look carefully and you will find tree spirits
hiding throughout this enchanting scene."

The Untold Story

"As the planet evolves, humankind increasingly leaves the cities to seek peace and consolation
in the country. There nature with all her gentleness and beauty to welcome humanity into a
more fulfilling way of life."

Spirit of Flight

"The Spirit of Flight, the force responsible for the powers of movement of the wind and air, has
gathered around her all the flying things she loves. Birds, insects, flying fish, swirling leaves,
seeds of dandelions and sycamore trees, butterflies and fairies all dance around her in a grand
array of wild free motion."

Winged Vision

"In a surrealistic world, where galleons sail through sea of flowers and birds bring visionary
worlds on their wings of flight, a magical bird bears a message of love that transcends time
and space."

Seasons of Life

"From the sea of life emerge the enthusiasm and innocence of youth in Springtime. Summer
brings joy and ripening maturity which flows into the contentment and memories of Autumn.
Winter brings an ever-deepening wisdom and understanding of oneself and the universe.
Each season has a beauty all its own that intermingles with every other season to make life
a continuing miracle."

Millennium Tree

"As mankind emerges from the mists of time to enter a new millennium, hope abounds that all
nations will be united in friendship and love. Doves of peace hover over our planet as a "helpful
hand" guides the younger hand of humanity that strives to learn and grow. Rainbow hands reach
up on either side of the tree, symbolizing the need to protect our beautiful world forever."

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