Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pantro ATV

Motivated by the strong as well as flexible body movement of a panther, designer Pablo Gabriel Gonzalez Bellozas has designed an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) named “Pantro” that not just symbolizes freedom and dynamism but also boasts speed and agility on the road. The new ATV is composed of three main parts: the front, the body and the guards. The front part includes the bumper that simulates the fury of the cat and the body presents a proportionate structure and ergonomics to perform jumps or stunts, while the side guards with serrated foot supports prevent the foot from sliding and keep the rider intact on bumpy tracks. Featuring uncomplicated controls for effortless driving, the Pantro comes with a flexible handle that allows different riding positions to the rider. The Pantro is simply a panther on the road.

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