Saturday, January 10, 2009

Techy Skyscraper

This skyscraper, to be built in Dubai, is called the Burj al-Taqa ('Energy Tower'), and it will produce 100% of its own power. The tower will have a huge (197 foot diameter) wind turbine on its roof, and arrays of solar cells that will total 161,459 square feet in size. Additional energy is provided by an island of solar panels, which drifts in the sea within viewing distance of the tower.

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Palm Island Dubai said...

Well the Dubai real estate market was fueled by speculation that prices would rise, and the middle men kept jacking up the prices. This had to definately happen but the global financial crunch was pretty much responsible for striking the fear that was the final ingrediant into the hearts of Investors in the U.A.E.

Dubai is simply cash strapped, Abu Dhabi on the other hand is sitting on mountains of cash meaning Abu Dhabi investors are going to make a killing.

I have been following the Dubai Real Estate Market and the DFM since the last few years and i find the next few months to be extremely exciting..