Monday, January 12, 2009

Technology Rulezzzz

Recyclable Tempo External Hard Drive Concept by Cagnina Design

What does it come to mind when one thinks of an external hard drive, the shape and size that comes to mind is the ugly square boxes with cables and other connecting device. Enter innovation in the form of the new external hard drive concept by Kansas based Argentine Industrial designer Franco Marino Cagnina is cool and funky to say the least. One would be mistaken for it to be a tumbler, but this designer has really carved out the extra ordinary out of the ordinary design and the other encouraging advantage is that it's recyclable thus environment friendly. So the next time one finds a need to carry data, just take a glassful of it!

Future Kitchen Will Be 100% Recyclable

People are getting aware of environment, more and more products are being made from recyclable materials. This one comes from Valcucine, 100% recyclable kitchen, Artematica Virtrum Yellow Kitchen. Main materials are wood, stainless steel, aluminum and glass, lightweight and versatile aluminum frame is used for doors. Look at the snack bar, made from wood, very attractive for giving breakfast or entertaining your guests while you cook.

External Touch Screen, No More Keyboard

This external touch screen can be used as a substitute for your keyboard especially when complicating control is needed.? For designers as PC beginners, graphical guide of external touch screen would be a great help. You can also change this external touch screen into keyboard and make it the way you want it or turn it into a Macbook cover tells you how many new e-mails and RSS feeds you've got, time, schedule, new flickr photos of your bookmarked photographer. No need dealing with computer ? Change it as photo/movie stand, randomly pick YouTube movies, etc.

Classy Black Tima Watch Design Concept

The new watch design by French designer Julien Bergignant is a nice concept which sure is second name of convenience. The watch made from electronic paper, is called Tima watch and can simultaneously display both digital as well as analog time. The good part is that the watch can show two different time zones together though the display is simultaneous. Looks wise too, the watch comes quite chic as the color chosen being black which of course by all means has a very rich and classy look. Thus, one can say that the designer has hit the right chord by creating this design.

Tea Orbz : Modern Tea Kettle by Daniel Bailey

The new kettle design by Daniel Bailey is a perfect example of tradition meeting modernity. The device is used to make tea but in the traditional Chinese way. It consists of two boading balls of which one is the induction cooker while the other is the one used to store water. Traditionally boading balls have been used as a stress relieving tool, so first the water is filled and closed, after which the cooker heats up the water. So relieve stress as the tea is made, and then enjoy the tea to complete the process. So go ahead and enjoy your cup of well made tea!

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