Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Acabion GTBO

Although Acabion GTBO is gas powered it is very fuel-efficient.

What struck me about it is the power - 750 hp and 700 lbs vehicle this results in more than 2,100 hp per ton. If you want to compare, the famous Bugatti Veyron has about 500 hp per ton, F1 cars have about 1,500 hp per ton. Max speed of Acabion GTBO is 340 mph at half throttle, governor limited. It does 0 to 300 mph in less than 30 sec.

The Acabion GTBO minimizes weight and maximizes power and aerodynamic efficiency.
100 mph at 1.7% throttle and 100 miles per gallon.
150 mph at 4.3% throttle and 62 miles per gallon.
250 mph at 17% throttle and 25 miles per gallon.

There is also an electric version of the Acabion for city use with distances up to 300 miles. You might think that it isn’t safe to drive and you might be right. However nothing is safe at 300 mph.

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