Sunday, October 26, 2008

Worlds Most Unusual Buildings

The dog house-Florida- USA

The castle house-San Juan-Republic Dominica

The crooked house-Polandia

The basket house-USA

The UFO house-Florida- USA

The kettle house-Texas- USA

The hovercraft house-New Mexico-USA

The WTF house-Erie Avenue-USA

The Egyptian house-USA

Lainnya : the shoe house [kets]-Afrika Selatan

The shoe house [boots]-Pennsylvani a-USA

The ship house-Dalmatia- Kroasia

The saxophone house-California- USA

Laennya :

The thin house-London- Inggris

The log house-Rusia

The dome house-Australia

The upside down house-Jepang

The sphere house-USA

The tree house [crazy house]-Dalat- Vietnam

The ranch house-USA

The unique house [palacio de Las artes]-Spanyol

The tunnel house [black hole]-USA

The bubble house-Perancis

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