Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work On Pieces Of Skin Mark Evans

Mark Evans (Mark Evans) creates images by cutting them with a knife on huge chunks of skin. The author is extremely unpretentious about his skill: "There is no more primitive art than engraving skins with a large knife. I do not create something "psevdointellektualnoe" I create art. " That's it: no postmodern anguish, no children's issues. Only a man with a knife, a piece of skin art.

Biography of Mark's pretty funny. So far, his distant ancestor was a cave man, and Mark himself grew up among wolf packs in the Arctic wilderness. His body, frozen in ice, found a group of geologists. Thawed and awake, and now Evans is trying to adapt to the life of the 21 century. However, the primal instinct made themselves felt, and Mark is constantly scratching at the pieces of skin images using sharp stones, broken glass and other hard and sharp objects. But once he got into the hands of a knife.

Since the knife was the only instrument in the hands of Mark Evans. When you create an image of his blade removes the top layer of skin in the right places in order to open the suede underneath. This painstaking work involved days, weeks, months ... Slowly but surely, the image appears on the light.

Technique by which images are created, can be called unique, because Mark has invented it himself, learning everything on their own experience and mistakes, and only he has the technique - the only person in the world. The public at large of Evans became known in 2008.

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