Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photos From National Geographic Magazine

Photographs from the archives of the magazine “National Geographic” made in the very different times, in different places.

Rehabilitation of gorillas left without parents. Michael Nichols. Republic of Congo:: 2001

People and bears looking at each other in Yellowstone National Park. Andrew Brown.

The monk coming out of the temple of Angkor Wat. Steve Raymer.

People gathered at Herat. Afghanistan:: 1931:: Maynard Owen Williams.

Testing of the second atomic bomb, took place in Operation “Crossroads”. Bikini Atoll:: 1946:: United States Navy.

Police-triplets. New Jersey:: 1981:: Michael S. Yamashita.

Portrait of Assistant horseherder. Montana:: 1984:: Sam Abell.

Tribe men in nomads from the southern edge of the Sahara preen to like women. Mike Hettwer. Niger:: 2008:

A diver among the jellyfish in Salt Lake. Palau:: 1982:: David Doubilet.

Ultraviolet baths for children living in a rare sunny weather. Joe McNally Russia:: 2001:: Joe McNally

Salt caravans are on the sands of the Sahara desert. George Steinmetz Niger:: 1999

The Cave Majilis Al Jinn. Oman:: 2003:: Stephen Alvarez.

Kurtus wrasse and coral reefs. David Doubilet. Australia:: 2007

Above the clouds. Switzerland:: 1920:: Jean Gaberell.

Portrait of the researcher. Canada:: 1909:: Robert E. Peary.

One Flew Over the heavens. NASA. Near-Earth orbit:: 1965

The rare Flamingo bird. Africa:: 2001:: Tim Laman.

A worker cleans diorama of stuffed sheep in the sporting goods store. Nebraska:: 1995:: Joel Sartore.

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