Tuesday, March 17, 2009

World's Smallest Music Player: Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple unveiled an all-new iPod Shuffle, the world's smallest music player. It is almost half the size of the previous model, and the first music player ever to talk to the users. The 'VoiceOver' technology enables iPod Shuffle to speak the song titles, artists and play-list names.

The iPod Shuffle from Apple is its third generation music player which is smaller than the AA battery. It has all its connections located on the earphone cord. Playing music, adjusting volume or switching play-lists is now possible with a single button. Not just that, users may pause, play or hear the name of the song and artist.

The technology that allows the music player to talk to you was unthinkable and now Apple has made it a reality. This amazingly small iPod Shuffle takes a revolutionary approach to music hearing. It is also the first ever iPod to have a playlist.

As you listen to music and ponder over the name of the song or the artist, you do not have to think too hard. The Apple iPod gives you all the information you need. Besides this, it can provide insight into the status information like battery life. It has the ability to comprehend and speak 14 different languages like English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

The all new World's smallest music player Apple iPod Shuffle is available in silver or black, sporting an extremely wearable design with a built-in stainless clip. The 10h battery life is however the most enticing feature. The product is accompanied with Apple Earphones and Remote along with the iPod shuffle USB cable. It would be priced at an estimated amount of Rs. 4,000 and is much awaited by music aficionados across the world.

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