Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amazing Caves: The World Beneath the World!!!

(image credit: Declan McCullagh)

One of the deepest known cave pits, Fantastic Pit in Georgia's Ellison's Cave descends

586 feet (179 meters) in a straight tunnel:

(image credit: Michael Nichols, National Geographic)

Glacial Caves and Ice Caverns

Some ice caves must rather be called "glacier caves", which can simply astound with the
intensity of ice color:

(image credit: Jenna and Tim Dickinson)

Here is a wonderful page of ice caves photography by Jason Gulley:

(images credit: Jason Gulley)

No sign of Superman or Megatron there yet:

Mount Kenya's Ice Cave Bobby Model, National Georgaphic)

Ice Cave in Matanuska Glacier, Alaska - photo by George F. Mobley, National Geographic
A lot of ice caves grow "hair" - ice extrusions, some are quite strange-looking:

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crown lanta said...

These caves are amazing indeed. I think it will be exciting to go down that pit and explore Ellison's Cave myself. I love these places.