Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oops! Weirdest Accidents -i

How do you end up being run over by a plane?

This was 2005 crash at Midway Airport in Chicago, where the airport is literally in the middle of a city, with no room (compared to O'Hare which has fields between the street and runways). In this case, the pilot decided to land during a snowstorm, hit a ton of snow on the runway and didn't have any time to stop before it was in the street. (more info)

What IS that thing, which totaled a nice bimmer?
(could be a promo for a movie, too) update: "The World is Not Enough" James Bond movie actually.

I'm sure there is a background story behind this unfortunate incident. After all you don't get your car totaled by a rolling concrete ball every day:

A steel wrecking ball came off its cable and rolled down a hill into the middle of a small town in Pennsylvania. (more info)

Thwarted by a cannon (in the middle of a busy street!) -

other unknowns -

Accident @ Mumbai, India -

At least this accident has a known history:

Place: Gallup, New Mexico. An unidentified member of the tow truck company called to remove a truck from the overpass sits dangerously under the truck as he attempts to get a strap under it.
Wrapped, squashed, and otherwise totaled:

This one already is a classic, still the story did not surface about it:

All that remains... and that's not much:

Battling the elements: flash floods, sink holes, trees felled by a strong wind:

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